its 3:30

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i’ve never actually watched andrea gibson poems before but i’ve been meaning to so. now’s as good a time to cry as any i guess

well in that case YES YOU GOTTA RIGHT NOW shes SO amazingly good y e sye syse ok i would recommend starting with the nutritionist bc thats my favorite of all time ever and then really from there just like„, any of the suggested ones on youtube i havent watched them all but theyre all amazing im sure but i also recommend how it ends and ashes and just. everything

athanasi replied to your post: dont watch andrea gibson poems at 2:30am

i’m tempted to do this now

u will cry 

ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAZE’S!!!!!!!! VERSION!!!!!!!! OF!!!!!!! SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

ANGEL!!!!!! HAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont watch andrea gibson poems at 2:30am

Hypnotic Spells
Death Spells

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I’ve been having overwhelming thoughts of sadness and self-harming

My depressions unimpressive, or so they tell me

Heart’s on fire, uninspired, yes, I’m preaching to the choir

Pessimistic, narcissistic, introspective, hate required

My obsession with contrition, leaves me weak and feeling tired

My subconscious has no conscious, stay asleep is how I’m wired

Fuck, I’m sorry, I admit, are these grounds truly dire

Growing signs of drunk behavior, I’m so fucked up, I feel fine

trees (twenty one pilots cover)
amy dostbunnies

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trees | vocal and piano cover | song originally by twenty one pilots

like/reblog if you enjoy the cover, message me with feedback if you have any!! love ya lil babs i hope you like this one


Questionable Fall Out Boy Things 2/? - Wind Power... it's fucking sexy.